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Dutch Integration Course

To help you prepare for Dutch Integration Exam 帮助您准备各科融入考试!


Dutch tutoring for teengers

To help middle school students to improve on different subjects in Dutch, one to one and one to more online classes

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Primary School Dutch tutoring

Do your children find it hard to keep pace of the school work or do not perform well in exams? Do you want to help your children prepare for CITO Toets? We are here to help you.帮助您的孩子提高荷兰语各科目的学习,高分通过CITO考试,提高答题能力及应试技巧,养成良好学习习惯


One to one online tutoring 

one to one tutoring offers customized training to help you deal with exams on improve on the subjects you want to improve

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