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We offer one-stop service for expats as individuals or companies




We offer all kinds of expats services to new immigrants and also people who have been living long in the Netherlands. Whether you are individuals of newly set-up companies, our services covers lots of details in your life and we aim to help you settle down with pleasure and build a nice career and enjoy your life in the Dutch society. We can serve you in Mandarin, Cantonese, Dutch and English. We help you rent or buy properties and settle down in the Netherlands.



> 购房服务 Buy a house 

> 卖房服务 Sell a house

> 商务服务 Business service

> 新移民服务 Expats service



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We offer a wide range of services, from the beginning till the end and it covers all kinds of areas. Whether it is about settling down in the Netherlands, rent a house, buy a house and we ask mortgage advisors we work with to arrange you housing mortgage, set up your company and start your career. Our services can cover a majority of your needs.


We try to serve you with good conscientious attitude, patience and a warm-heart. We hope to help you settle down and get used to the life and work atmosphere in the Netherlands as soon as possible, so that you can integrate better into Dutch society and expand your career here. 


We work with all kinds of Dutch professional service providers to offer you all kinds of service. On one hand  we help you in Chinese and you don't need to worry about language barriers. On the other hand our partners offers professional services. We work with professional people to serve your needs together.

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