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 Kingdom Culture Communication  

Kingdom Culture Communication(KCC)为所有在荷兰生活的新老移民有定居、置业、融入需求的企业和个人提供专业咨询与服务。KCC提供的一站式服务帮助新移民及国际公司外派人士 购房置业,安家落户,开展新的生活和事业。不论您是刚到荷兰定居还是已经在荷兰定居数年,我们的服务都能帮到您生活的方方面面。


We help expats to rent properties, purchase properties with mortgage, sell properties or lease out their properties. We provide all-arounded services to expats or international companies that are newly-established in the Netherlands.



Our values

Tolerance, Faithful, Willing to share, Sincere to serve, Confident, Honor the parties we serve and work with, Grateful.


KCC 全世界范围内资助了一些位于贫困中,家庭不幸的孩子,希望可以尽我们的一份绵薄之力让世界更美好。


We support some children who lives in proverty or has an unfortunate family worldwide. We hope to contribute our tiny efforts to make the world a better place.  

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